Tranquility is a kind of quality, is the quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; serenity… does come from outside of nature world but when it comes from inside it is called ‘Inner Peace’. When it’s been achieved all achieved, logic of sane over that is ‘’Heaven Soul’’.

The word tranquility appears in numerous texts ranging from the religious writings of Buddhism, where the term passaddhi refers to tranquility of the body, thoughts and consciousness on the path to enlightenment, to an assortment of policy and planning guidance documents, where interpretation of the word is typically linked to engagement with the natural environment.

Outer world is a museum or a place where one can sustain the knowing by interacting the course of time with the physical realities which are mostly harsh, the experiences what humans gain through the circumstances are sometimes so crunchy that crush and crack the inner world of emotions of humans, in such course it is hard to maintain the psychological imbalances…..

The strongest man cannot surely bear the accident of his beloved family to be crushed down and such deaths never are owned to such person because his psychology may stuck to the same passage of time ………The grief which caused by accidents or by losing any keen beloved desire would cause break down…………. Emotional break downs are always killing ……

Losing any keen desire is next to death, it is reality that such grief causes such wounds that could never be healed or in case with the passage of time if they could the hurt remains the same. It is awkward to say in such timings to have patience because at that time one could be patient rather than having this keen ability of patience, however this is the rule of the fate and this worldly world that happenings are obvious and sudden ……..

Inner peace is not only two words but they are fundamentally the highest of qualities and very rare knowing of knowing, the people who belongs to the physical arts are mostly known of the fact they tried hard to get this inner phenomena, and when they reached over it they finally succeed in achieving what their art demands…………..

This concept of peace gaining of a one’s soul is not that easy, this need highest of perception that could reach where the soul belongs, in this world every act is possible …….for body having limits but for soul no limits ……..soul can achieve the limitless access where it could be raised higher as unthinkable…………

Nature, purity, modesty, soundless places are the source to advance body and soul’s measures in the outstanding course of peace……….The actions of goodness the exercises based on helping others also cause inner peace, be the savior and be safe being in all consequences brings inner peace………….Love of humanity harmonized all other ways of life is cause inner peace and tranquility……….

The life which is based on cruelty, unlovable acts, unloyal and immoral activities snatch tranquility and the quality to establish peace in human and every creature’s breathing parallels. The world is reverting and converting, the good is replaced as evil, humanity replaced as brutality, living beings replaced as machines and the mechanical satellites’ are more worthy of tracing and tracking the purposes purposelessly…….

The world is roaming through these mechanical raying objects, through these satellites, through these unseen gadgets……… All these are scientific miracles but they are somewhat ruining the beauty, love, peace and tranquility of the world and its simplicity which is most desirable for human perception.

Conceptually, moderately, morally and naturally the concept of peace get from even from the tiny little feelings, such as tranquility has no language but yet speaks if in the morning the drop of rain halt on leave in the season of light and spring ………. It can be easily seen the eyes of innocent baby at the time of smile and playing, it can be feel peacefully when relations are warm and close, the nature can be seen truly by the mother’s instinctive power of nurturing, nursing, nourishing, convincing and beautifies the life top to toe from first breath to last breath……

So for us, the people who are sane but their sane acts are impelled to stay speechless because of time has given line to the Truth and no lines to lies ……….We travel or stay we live or die we can think and sustain our emotions to ourselves and we can only search tranquility in ordinary ways and even the little things are enough higher in stature to us …………

Nobody matter, no money worth in front of the priceless worth of instinctive spirits………..So if a millionaire all the richness before him but if health and happiness are out of ways all are futile and all are waste………..What matters is the inner peace and tranquility that brings life to the imagination and imagination into breathing life………..

The real richness is of sustained and contented soul not of the outer luxurious course…….The life lived with the peace is the worth living…………And the life lived for humanity and lilting the light for others, helping them and having tranquil soul and persuading others to be tranquil and worth knowing, worth living………………..

This happened once for all breathing being, this bubble of life, so far this bubble remains in air, though for short time live, breath and innovate the idea that spread tranquility, do not consider even a ordinary word little for this mission …………

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