Unknown Reasons


All and all have reasons at core, in depth and in reality but are they actually? Sometimes we stay happy for the reasons unknown and sometimes we stay delusional for unknown reasons, sometimes melancholic, sometimes tragic and sometimes beyond the boundary of human existence and even so easy to forget the miraculous providence of truth and reality. What lies under the sun so majestic that these unknown reasons are all around?

These are not easily comprehended all the time in all conjuncture or conjecture. However it is the part of human wisdom that humans usually associates all the available resources to the science of senses and then elaborate it to the certain levels of realities so far every human has no such norms or psychological enhancement that get all the core realities into the surface of existence but even than every human lives due to the certain reasoning of environmental resources.

Emotions are the most parallel and unparallel scale of this study unknown reasons sometimes they are intensively so high that the wrong side seems nothing but the right to achieve. Sometimes the righteous are declared as the astray.

Universal truths are also on the same measures, are evident but reveal are the part of one’s character as ‘A Man’s character is what his Fate’ so the connectivity of fate with character and character’s domicile what the free will and destiny marks with in lines of hands. To erase the misfortunes from the hand lines are impossible but persistence over memory cannon can be the favorable to delete the footprints of evil tragic past.

The rhetoric questions in human life regarding uncalled tragic events or accidents never are answered in the consequences they happened. Fate brings them as the matter of fact for happenings and they just happened sometimes human consciousness be healed with the apparent time frame of the factual reality of healing remedy of time and circumstances.

The reasons which are searched they are actually the fate lines of happenings the reasons which are not found or quested they are the subdued to be hidden from human eye as hidden realities are favorable for human consensus. For unseen realities, they are very absorbed, very sharp and very alarming ……….

The focal point is that reasons which we understand are just the part of life where we can travel above and think beyond… But the reasons we search and we quest logic to identify or rectify happenings with evidence but we got nothing but wanderings of mind are the reasons which draw line between human acts, human practices and Divine acts and Divine laws. Divinity is the face of Miracle ……

Miracles happened where the impossibility lies according to human mind, senses and consciousness but actually the Truth, The core Reality is nothing is Impossible for THE CREATOR, THE GOD, THE LORD, and THE ONE WHO CONTROLS……

The unknown reasons are always around us either we can estimate them we can feel them or either we can’t …… The reasons brought life into structure and sometimes structure of life question for reasons. It’s all about known reasons which actually lead by unknown reasons…….

To Be Continued ….

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  1. Magali Brenner Says:

    With everything which appears to be developing throughout this specific subject matter, all your viewpoints happen to be very radical. Nonetheless, I am sorry, because I do not subscribe to your whole idea, all be it refreshing none the less. It seems to everyone that your opinions are actually not totally justified and in reality you are generally your self not really completely confident of the assertion. In any case I did take pleasure in examining it.

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