Walking on the Water


Water all around but that water was strangely alluring, illuminating and enchanting. That was rich and enhanced the color was unique and transparently Green; the color of tranquility peace and mystery. That was strange but true while touching that water one feel the truth of being real and spiritually abounded of bounty of knowledge and calmness. This water not part of ocean, not part of river yet was connected somewhere on some edge, which corner, which edge unknown, but fact that must be connected the bear feet dipped in water was like enchanted by new world, unseen, unknown yet truth. Dipping feet underwater like someone flying over that magical water the experience was ‘’WALKING ON THE WATER’ with slow move with diligence and delicacy. That walk over that magical water was substantial and sustained of twofold reflected realities of mirror. That water had some end as it had the way very wonderfully designed rare and enough to astonishment that it pave way to the shrine, a beautifully constructed and magically charming. This was part of journey of spiritual world, where even a tiny little thing was enchanted with different and several realities, undefined and inpresistent for definitions.

Being a creative writer my pen has no ink to write the word for that place. That was ecstasy; a journey within journey a struggle to know nothing outside but inside. Imagination upon innovation, flight of spirit where mind has no attitude no speech, Dream within dream.

All these extreme ecstasies cannot be justifiable logical because profoundly enough logic, mind and mathematical resolutions have no ground here. Realistically and as per religion Islam, True dream is the 40th part of revelation that contains nothing but pure truth. Dream pre-defined a revelation as truth as knowing through signs and symbols so this; the world of knowledge quotient wisdom and ravishing divine God truth.

First came reality of true dream is revelation, resolution and revolution. Another as man mind constructions and the foremost usually happened dreams to common people by their own will based on worldly affairs based on their usual or environmental thinking and the situations they are trapped and plunged in.

Dreams, people said are called which can’t be true and stays always enchanted ecstasy and fantasies. People said dreams are part of human creative mind and unique or different attribute of this term Dream. Few, of the myths consider dreams the most important part of human life because earthly life relates with the spiritual and the unearthly world. Doctrines of human world may differ with each on time to time basis but somewhat as per consensus all doctrines contain Truth related to human unearthly world and spiritual ecstasy.

Conclusively, Islam consolidated the fundmentalities of Dream Literature and the other doctrine witness upon it. So far, mostly the estimators elaborate that dreams represents the foremost happenings of human environmental affairs.

Realistically, the truth needs never any introduction or formal display to the world or to the people as it has its own characterizations upon all times and ages. As its idosyncraisis has own reflection upon the human life, mind and actions.

Dreams are not always true but of saint figures and of the vicegerents of the earth. Especially, the dreams of prophets and the people to whom Lord bestowed the prophesies of realities.

Constantly, the enchanting dreams have the configuration to the earthly world to know or to recognize the embodiment of the Fortune of human. Destiny for the true dreams of the human plays vital role as it confronts later or formal something revealing or for the living understanding for humans. On the contrary, some people believe that the other beings like super natural beings also approach human’s dream world to interfere in their peace and tranquility of spirits journey and unearthly flights.

Configurations consequently, all happens if we BELIEVE in to be happened. However dreams are the most enchantingly ravishing part of human life that define the knowledge of mystery and really makes a person walking on the water…………………………………..

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