Wisdom Quotes


  • ‘Wisdom generates intellectuals’.
  • ‘Wisdom is a weapon for thinker ‘.
  • ‘Wisdom makes Man a Super being ‘.
  • ‘Best communication and better way of conversation itself is wisdom’.
  • ‘Wisdom is not only for wise people but by using it anyone can be wise’.
  • ‘Think, Read & Write these three major qualities and abilities lead to wisdom’.
  • ‘Voice of deep thought and the way of expression for it cultivate wisdom in the Soil that here after becomes tree of knowledge’.
  • ‘Breathing as Crown of Creation and knowing of nothing is befooling human  Identity and ridicules the fate lines of struggle where wisdom stay apart ‘.
  • ‘Perpetual, conceptional and liberal people remain and spend their lives in quest Of knowledge and wisdom’.
  • ‘Keep the wise people to spread knowledge and wisdom as they are the true sharers of truth and divinity’.

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