Yamu –E- Ashura !!


Moharram Alakram is the first month of Muslim Year Hijri and it is the most significant of all other eleven months the 9th and the 10th dates of this vital month are the most important one. Through reliable Islamic resources these two days are of great worth and interprets the sign of many happenings, those are recommended to the human world in reference to the relevant prestigious people of the times and ages.

Yamu –E- Ashura –>

The days vital for the Creations of universe, Heavens and Earth, Day and Night, Good and Evil….. The importance witnessed through that Adam A.S got the forgiveness, Noah A.S got the reward of Ark’s miracle, Younus A.s got freedom from whale’s tummy, Yaqoob A.S got favor on same day, Moses & Huron A.S got the empower of Faith, Abraham A.S became Khalil and got rid of Namrood’s Fire, Adrees A.S stepped forward towards heavens, Saliaah A.S has the Miracle of Born Camel………….

And Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH (Khatam-Un Nubieen) got the victory and spread world wide the Message ……………

All the happiness of the of Prophets greatest miracles associates with these Important Days………… BUT One Sorrow that would be mountain enough over and above all the great happenings…..The Martyrdom Of Hazrat Husain R.A in Karbala!!

This world history is strange enough to copy the exact facts, history revives its’ importance due to the causes sound and effect. Whenever the world histories get the revolution or red revolution it always provokes the sign after the biggest happenings. This human world and history is full of the wars and actions, sometimes over the religion, sometimes over the lust of land and treasures……

When ever happened over the purpose of lust of land and treasure it always conclude the selfish and mean consequences to the remaining and coming generations. But when ever these wars conclude against the cruelty, for truth, for the ONENESS OF ALLAH and for Creator’s Favor these wars concluded the positive results of serenity, solace and peace of knowledge and truth here after that could educate the generations after generations for the sour results of the bloodshed and the sacrifices of the martyrs for the noble causes.

These important days are vital because of not only the Battle of Karbala but because of many reasons and reasoning for the universal manner and universal truth. The world and history is significant of happenings, and happenings are the core results of the decisions or attitude of thinking though they could be on the partial level of human or they either are divine.

Ashura are the days, way recommended and memorable by the religious sector of Muslims and Jews …….. Muslim commemorate in the essence of the religious significant days of rare happenings by the Divine power, they are positive based on serenity mostly accept one element the martyrdom of Holy Prophets grandson Hazrat Husain A.S, The alternation of Moses A.S from the pharaoh for Bani Israel, The forgiveness of Adam A.S, the creations of creations of universe, earth and heavens, the beginning of life and death, all introduced ………………

There are most empowered predictions are also associated with these two major days, and it has been declared by Holy Figure that the Armageddon, and the day that banish the worldly life and this universe that would be the Yamu- E- Ashura as these are the declared days of happenings that could be Of Divine Essence ………….

So far there are lots of studies on the phase of earth, the religion and the belief study cannot challenge because they conclude and sustain Divine Essence and where there is Divinity, there is only obedience be needed, the decline is out gauge and worth nothing but empty vessel…………..

These days are of greater worth and of significant and perhaps we can say but cannot feel in that way unless we have the evidence of happenings in our times……BUT who believes they just bow bestow, stay obedient and declaration would be their essence of attitude, who decline they don’t even rely over they own selves to be trusted as their inner house of heart stay empty and dark ………..narrow and dead……….deaf and paralyzed………….

Be Alive, harmonized, true, realistic, be enlightened, be straightened , be open and wide, be blessed, be a Believer have faith of true significances …………Be follower of True Realities bestowed by Divine Source ………….

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