Aura !!


The spiritual panorama, the light world of spirit, the phase of light and soul ……….. Aura consumes ….

Despite of the fundamental realities, there are sound realities which are mostly unseen but they can strongly sense and emotionally connected with human basic spectrum. Inspite of the truth about this universe and scientific revelations, yet there are so many grounds of research and awareness being left.

The phenomenon truth and reality of humans are Nature; it is unseen force and very strong to be followed. Each and every living being born and breath over Nature and the natural instinct of every living being is the fundamental material of the practices, actions and reactions.

Commonly, it is known that humans are the more sane mammals among other animals because of the wisdom and intellectuality blessed. But instead of this ranking quality human is just a mere breathing creature, unless human peep into the depth of moral and purpose of his breathing science. Off the topic declining the subject human is a creature known yet unknown because of hidden covers, traits and psycho-barriers.

Apparently, usually there are lots of breeds, generations spangled up. Nations after nations converted and arrested themselves as living identity among the several races. These races selectively declared their identities to be segregated their existence easily but with revolving wheel of time what they did actually they converted themselves in different sects, different norms, different nations, different cultures, and different social -economic identities Americans, Russians, Europeans, Asians, Africans so on and on …..

Division not only based over the geographical sound or voice, not only declared the pronounced land identity but also of other aspects, one of the major religions Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddha’s, and they are not halted over such segregation as the universal galaxies are uncountable and the stars nebula limitless, how could human just be satisfied over such limited segregation.

As infinity lacks of importance so does it happened when humans made walls be divided more and be declared more in different castes and different sectors all around the world. Does any nation, any land, geographically source still counting on or focusing on the rebirth, the knowing and the true universal identity of a more human just to sign out this very living breathing creature as a human a part of life, a part of universe, a part of a mere human, made up of flesh and bone, having breathing qualities having soul and conscience, spirit and consciousness that not enough to know as a just………..

Human, made up of flesh and bone but correctly enough the most Will provoking breathing being because of mind blessed and the Man’s learning skills, where man because of his thinking skills became sane enough to peep inside himself as more than a structural bone or body and try to understand the spiritual truth of his being existence he come across to know the significance and distinguished reality of his body source connected with spiritual scale as the unseen force and energy of AURA; this is not just the mere sound word but profoundly enough a source of knowing the human hidden insertions of wheel of spirit that could be declared in Hinduism as famous CHAKRAS.

So far this is knowledge of each born breathing human that he is not just the body preserved character but his depth in characterization and idiosyncrasies is rarely very highly connected to the upper world of mysteries that could hold on knowledge treasury.

The human treasure lies in the LATIF E SITTA, usually Muslim doctrine that briefs the human sense of focus, sound concentration and quality of questing and searching for his ultimate goal lies and preserved. Every human is not made reach up to this level of learning, knowing or struggling to get this subjective reality to be reflect in the objectivity of his bodily embodiment of physical statue ……. Not at all.

As humans divided into sects, norms, and nations to recognize each sane is this source vast, new, broad and different in experience of each character’s characterizations. Certainly, uncertainly, possibly or impossibly this concept of Aura; is the most considerably distinguished and significant and different on different graph of people.

Realistically, these are the unseen forces and practices may make them sound emotionally the inner world of knowledge also can be known and explore. By the same gesture of attitude and conductive qualities as to converse and interact outside such as perseverance, resistance, patience, wisdom, focus and again the most important and vital core quantative quality of concentrations.

Aura is basically human light hallow, the soul shallowness unseen which is considerably in circle head to toe in same shape of human figure. So far the human focus, concentration and sense of wisdom concern with him and have the spiritual connection establishment with ownself.

Soul Aura; have few major aspects that could be identify as spiritual constitutional sources which has been elaborated as LATIF E SITTA the development of human insertions of prevention and perseverance to earn eternity is the signature attempt. Here the one more importance aspect of human inner-image, personality is that not only on physical realities man needs to labour or to perform hard work or to do efforts to gain positions, proportionally perplexity or to struggle to have desired results ……….BUT inner course establishment needs the sane effort sane struggle but this labour no be of physical exercise ………….

BUT of sound track to be in certain postures that could alarm the inner senses to be awakened and voice command reflects and travels like light inside of the pot and the inner stillness could get the identifications to start a journey that could be connected to the higher level and here the profound purpose and the ultimate gain and goal of achievement will be the earnings of Eternity.

The feternity of this eternity could lead to the path which is unknown to the world because this could only be recognized by the few selective and chosen people who could focus the stem of beginning and to the root of end and to the base of life between beginning and end.

Aura is revealed not to every human consensus never, however every human have this shield, and few selective fortunate eternity earned personalities have very profound Aura and couldn’t be captured or matched with others that easily and the common gendery is the people of our world.

Importance is of the worth of human inner world, the one who reveal the inner soul as the free white bird of swinging wings with beautiful heartiest treasures surely be the discoverer of the  Ultimate Truth



Lataif  E Sitta (“the six subtleties” singular: latifa) are psychospiritual “organs” or, sometimes, faculties of sensory and suprasensory perception in Sufi psychology. They are thought to be parts of the self in a similar manner to the way glands and organs are part of the body. Drawing from the Qur’an, many Sufis distinguish Nafs, Qalb, Sirr, Ruh, Khafi, and Akhfa as the six lataif.

Among Sufis development involves awakening spiritual centers of perception that lie dormant in every person. The help of a guide is considered necessary to help activate them in a certain order. Each center is associated with a particular color, a general area of the body, and often with a particular prophet. Activation of all these “centers” is part of the inner methodology of the Sufi way or “Work”. Purification of the elementary passionate nature (tazkiyat an-nafs), cleansing the spiritual heart (tazkiyat al-qalb), becoming a receptacle of divine love (ishq), illumination of the spirit (tajjali ar-ruh), emptying egoic drives (taqliyyat as-sirr) and remembering the divine attributes, often through repetition of the names of God, (dhikr) are a process by which the dervish is said to reach a certain type of “completion” in the opening of the last two faculties, khafi and akhfa.

According to Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi, humans are made of ten Lata’if or components of creation. Five of them pertain to Alam-e-Amr (the divine world) and the remaining five pertain to Alam-e-Khalq (Created world). The five lata’if of Alam-e-Amr are Qalb, Ruh, Sirr, Khafi and Akhfa. The five lata’if of Alam-e-Khalq are Nafs, Soil (solid), Water (liquid), Air (gas) and Fire (energy).

However there are seven lata’if in most of the sufi orders. The last four (corresponding to earth, water, air and fire) are collectively called lataif qalbia, referring to the physical human body (qalib), also referred to as Sultan al-Azkar in many sufi orders.


According to some, this latifa is located slightly below the navel, and is yellow, for others, it is between the eyebrows and is blue.

The word nafs is usually translated as self or psyche. Its etymology is rooted in “breath” (similar to Biblical or Kabbalistic nefesh) and is common to virtually all archaic psychologies where the act of breathing was connected with life, animating otherwise lifeless object. In this respect, ancient notions of “Atman” in Hinduism (cf. German noun “Atem”, breath, respiration) or Greek “pneuma” (as well as Latin “spiritus”) -all equate the basic visible process of breathing with energizing principle that confers existence to an individual human being. Some Sufis consider under the term “Nafs” the entirety of psychological processes, encompassing whole mental, emotional and volitional life; however, the majority of Quranic-based Sufis are of the opinion that Nafs is a “lower”, egotistical and passionate human nature which, along with Tab (literally, physical nature), comprises vegetative and animal aspects of human life. Ego may be assumed as an equivalent for Nafs in modern psychology. The central aim of the Sufi path is transformation of Nafs (technical term is “Tazkiya-I-Nafs”‘ or “purgation of the soul’) from its deplorable state of ego-centredness through various psycho-spiritual stages to the purity and submission to the will of God. Although the majority of the Sufi orders have adopted convenient 7 maqams (maqams are permanent stages on the voyage towards spiritual transformation), and some still operate with 3 stages, the picture is clear: the Sufi’s journey begins with Nafs-e-Ammara (commanding soul), Nafs-e-lawwama (self-accusing soul), and ends in Nafs-e-Mutma’inna (satisfied soul) -although some Sufis’s final stage is, in their technical vocabulary, Nafs-I-Safiya wa Kamila (soul restful and perfected in God’s presence). In essence, this is almost identical to Christian paradigm of “vita purgativa” and various stages the spiritual aspirant traverses in the journey towards God.


According to some, this latifa is located in the left of Chest and is yellow, for others it is red. In it man witnesses his deeds. By awakening it man also gets the knowledge of the realm of Jins.

The word Qalb, stands for heart. In Sufi terminology, this spiritual heart (not to be confused with the blood pumping organ) is again variously described. For some, it is the seat of beatific vision. Others consider it the gate of Ishq or Divine love. Yet, for the majority, it is the battleground of two warring armies: those of Nafs and Ruh or spirit. Here, one again encounters terminological confusion: for the Sufis influenced by Neoplatonism, a “higher” part of Nafs is equated to the Aql or intellect (called Nafs-I-Natiqa) or “rational soul” and is the central active agent in spiritual battle: Ruh or spirit, notwithstanding its name, is rather passive in this stage. In short, cleansing of the Qalb or heart is a necessary spiritual discipline for travellers on the Sufi path. The term for this process is Tazkiah-I-Qalb and the aim is the erasure of everything that stands in the way of purifying God’s love or Ishq.

Often people take their heart’s word (inner feeling) as truthful. If the hearts were indeed truthful, then why are not all the people of the heart united? Qalb of the common folk is in a sleeping or unconscious state, and does not possess any awareness or correct understanding. This heart can err in judgement due to the dominance of the Self and Khannas (the Whisperer), or due to the person’s own simple-mindedness. Placing trust in a sleeping (or unconscious) heart is foolish. When the Name Allah does vibrate in the heart, an awareness of Right and Wrong, and understanding follows. It is then called Qalb-e Salim (the sound Heart). Then the prominence of the meditation by Qalb changes its direction towards God; it is called Qalb-e Minib (the repentant Heart). This heart can prevent a person from mischief, but it can not make a right judgement. When the theophanies (Tajalliyat) of God begin to fall on the Heart, it is called Qalb-eshahid(the witnessing Heart).

A leading Indian artist, Geeta Vadhera, has titled her 37th exhibition of paintings as Qalb Qudrat – At the Heart of Nature. Qalb and Nafs form the “Rooh-e-haivani” (Animal Soul). This part of the soul has the record of every activity of life. It is also termed as Joviya (Confluence).


According to some, this latifa is located in the right side of the chest and is red, for others it is green. After its activation the human gets acquainted with Alam-e-Aaraf (the place where man resides after death).

This is on the right side of the chest. This is awakened and illuminated by the meditation and one-pointed concentration on it. Once it becomes illuminated, a vibration similar to the heartbeat is felt on the right side of the chest. Then the Name of God, Ya Allah is matched with the vibrating pulse. The meditation of the soul is done in this way. This is advancement in rank and status and is better than the Qalb. It is able to travel to the realm of the souls (the station of the Archangel Gabriel). Anger and rage are attached to it that burn and turn into majesty.

Ruh or spirit is the second contender in the battle for human life. Again, opinions on Ruh differ among Sufis. Some deem it coeternal with God; others consider it a created entity. Be that as it may, Ruh is the plateau of consensus for the majority of Sufis, especially the early ones (before 11th/12th century C.E.). For those Sufis with Gnostic leanings (which can be found in Bektashi or Mevlevi orders), Ruh is a soul-spark, immortal entity and transegoic “true self”, similar to the Christian concepts of “synteresis” or “Imago Dei”, or Vedantist notion of “jiva”, as well as Tibetan Buddhist “shes-pa”, principle of consciousness and Taoist “shen” or spirit. But, the majority of the Sufis would consider this an unnecessarily extravagant speculation and would stick to the more orthodox notion of dormant spiritual faculty that needs to be worked upon by constant vigil and prayer in order to achieve the Tajliyya-I-Ruh, or Illumination of the spirit. Ironically, this spiritual faculty is frequently referred to in terms one encounters in connection with Nafs- “blind” life force or life current that needs to be purified by strict religious observances in order to achieve illumination.


Sirr is located in the solar plexus and is associated with the color white. It records the orders of Allah for the individual in similitude to that which is originally present in Loh-e-mehfooz (Preserved Scripturum). After its activation, human being gets acquainted with Aalam-e-Misal (The Allegorical realm – Reflection of knowledge of the preserved Scripturum.) This center is associated with consciousness.

This is also awakened and illuminated by the meditation and one-pointed concentration on it with the Name of God, Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum. The dream state or by spiritual separation from the physical body “transcendental meditation” it can journey to the realm of the secrets.

Sirr, literally means “the secret”. Emptying of the Sirr (Taqliyya-I-Sirr) is basically focusing on God’s names and attributes in perpetual remembrance or Dhikr, hence diverting one’s attention from the mundane aspects of human life and fixing it on the spiritual realm. The “emptying” signifies negation and obliteration of ego-centred human propensities.

Sirr and Rooh form “Rooh-e-Insani (Human soul) or Ayan. This part of the soul is inscribed with commands characterizing the life. It is also termed as Ayan. When a human being gets acquainted with it, he can witness the record and scheme of “all that exists”, written on loh-e-mahfooz.


According to some, it is located in the middle of the forehead (between the eyes or third eye position) and is black, to others blue. It’s the equivalent of Kitab-e-Marqoom (the written book).

According to others this is to the right of the centre of the chest. It too is taught the Name of God Ya Wahid by meditation. It is green in colour and it can reach the realm of unification. The term Khafi means mysterious, arcane or Latent Subtlety. It represents intuition.


The term Akhfa or ikhfa means most arcane, deeply mysterious, or obscure, subtlety. Its location is deep inside the brain or on center-top of the head. The color of this center, according to some, is green, to others, violet. It’s the Nuqta-e-wahida (point of unity) in every human where the Tajalliat (beatific visions) of Allah are directly revealed. It contains information about the hidden knowledge of the universe. By entering into this point, the human being enters the system of the universe and laws governing the universe and he understands the meaning of “for you, We (Allah) have revealed whatever is in the earth and the heavens “. This center is associated with deep perception.

According to some this is situated at the centre of the chest. It is awakened by meditating on the Name of God, Ya Ahad. It is purple in colour and it too, is connected to that veil in the realm of unification behind which is the throne of God.[6]

The last center or subtlety is “accessible only to those who have developed the others, and belongs to the real sage.” (see “The Sufis” by Idries Shah).

Akhfa and khafa form “Rooh-e-azam” (the great soul), also called sabita. It is a bright ring of light in which all the information pertaining to the unseen and seen cosmos is inscribed. The Attributes of God that have been transferred to the existents and have become parts of the mechanism of the universe are collectively known as the Incumbent Knowledge (Ilm-e-wajib). Knowledge of the Incumbent means knowledge that has been transferred to the existents, that is, it refers to those Attributes of God with which existents enjoy affinity and correlation. The Knowledge of the Incumbent is also known as the Knowledge of the Pen (Ilm-e-Qalum).

First Descent is that state when God exhibited the program present in His Mind as He Willed. The creative formulae of the cosmos are the secrets of the First Descent. Why did God opt to create the universe and what is the Will of God, which He intends to accomplish? Reflection of all these things is found in the Great Soul; The Firmly Affixed Inscription. One side of Great Soul is the Obscure Subtlety (akhfa) and the other side is the Latent Subtlety (khafi) Great Soul is the storehouse of eleven thousand beatific visions of God. The person who attains communion with these two subtleties can observe these visions. These two subtleties of akhfa and khafi are found in every human being irrespective of who he is, what he is, or his station in life.

“Great Soul”, “Human Soul”, and “Animal Soul” are actually levels of functioning of the same soul and are not three different souls. These three components are like three rings of light infused in one another and are collectively called the soul, the indivisible entity, the Lord’s edict, or simply the man. Man gets acquainted with them one by one by Muraqaba ( Sufi Meditation), Dhikr (Remembrance of God) and purification of one’s psyche/life from negative thinking patterns (fear, depression), negative emotions (hate, contempt, anger, lust) and negative practices (hurting others psychologically or physically). Loving God and loving/helping every human being irrespective of his race, religion, or nationality, and without consideration for any possible reward, is the key to ascension according to Sufis.

Magic of Focus; Art of Concentration


Concentrations……Concentrating is an art of study or electromagnetic spectrum source….. what so ever focus and focusing is a magic and magical aspects are also human’s one of the best art ………Nature bestow many of the aspects which are unseen but they work out and display their importance in front of the presence of human acts and to the human world directly or indirectly.

Eye is the part of alluring charm, and eye has the seducing powers, they can be seductive to extend and they can be in both ways either the positive or either the negative one.

Positive and negative energies are the major aspects in the world reality as they observe the major core to rule over the living beings especially to the crown of creation the humans.

There are two supreme powers that are acting and reacting each time of times and even these energies are controlling and empowering. Finally universal truth is obvious that positive energy is affirmatively the winning in all aspects where as negative one is short lived. But both energies are dominating and effective over the sequences and consequences that would be favored in force for the living beings.

Human mind, thoughts, Human speech, Human Characters’ Impression and traits / Express and impress and their effectiveness counts and cast magical element over the frontiers because chemistry and physics due mention that in this world the most vital scientific reality is that electromagnetic layers are subdue to cause and effect theory and humans directly or indirectly effect each other with the static and dynamic two major energies of positiveness and negativeness.

Just that if someone stares a baby playing trying to walk who is not strongly groom or grown up in Aura (or new toddles who just begin to walk up or stand up on feet) the staring element or permanent gazing must cause imbalance to child walk or effect a baby it is not obvious that it will be the ill sight which effected the kid sometimes the positive focus and the concentrating element also cause and effect that could be just noticed.

In this universe having these electromagnetic layers, they themselves are the magnetic layers and magnetic powers which have their effectiveness and cause and affect as the panorama that fundamentally the truth and reality of life in human world.

Forums of magic and Image delivering and capturing the human image to be effective of any of the impression and expression though positive energy or the negative one. Figuratively attention is the core element; human is an amphibian beast who has brilliant qualities to be adhesive and admirably strong and one of the most distinguished quality is to concentrate over imagery or any object, subjectively or objectively this art of concentrating is the most deep one and it is interlinked with the electromagnetic layers that could and would travel all around.

The interaction also absorbs this cause and affects layers therefore in Holy Quran Almighty Allah has forbidden woman to show off the feminine parts to attract the people towards themselves that could be harmful and immoral and ordered to stay in veil that is the most modest way to be respected.

Henceforth advised to men to lower their gaze and don’t stay in ways of women to stare or gaze them as this will create mess in immoral activities because of this cause an affect and electromagnetic layers ……….

Psycho-magnetic power// psycho meter/ psychological levels are also part of these electromagnetic spectrum and the telepathy are strongest example and witness over such realistic element that could travel through the voice, sight, imagination and imagery……….

As an example actors they adopt any character to portray out of gauge of their own personality they fill themselves in any vessel of any shape despite of the fact that they are just exploring their own psychological skills or abilities even then they forget their own characteristics while performing the adopted one; they are actually multi-personality they express flaws and qualities specifically what ever offered to them as script.

This is undoubtedly human ability to adopt and absorbs any character and understands its characteristics and while making an image of that character they perform and in that instance they just create level of magnum spectrums.

Psychologically in such case this could be called talent or psychological energy to act or to perform the fictitious roles for the human mental fabricated stories? The answer could be of both ways because human has certain inside structure that could imitate adopt and portray anything which human sense could absorb either it could be via eye sight, or voice or by mental imagination of emotional spectrum.

Focus towards any object or towards any other human being could raise the human will acts and activities that could revert back in same sense. Electromagnetic assessment through focus or concentration or interaction through both is distinguished way out to express human any spirit though it would be positive or negative.

Mind is the strongest bank of human if it is intellectually sound and similarly it is the meak and weak if it would be imbalance, stressed out or it been excessive effected of any harmful incident that could ruin the mental structure and the thinking progress of mental spectrum.

Focus itself is magic and the positive practices of concentrating over the objects to adverse them or has the desirable results; this could be the most vital exercise. Mental telepathy is one of the finest psychological science that could explore one magical mind to another and one can give the sign of massage of anyone else around the world witness of the certain level of connections.

This could be declare as focus of mind magic, for an instance it is possible truth that sometimes human mental energy alarms or give message to loved one mind or spirit to make a voice call or a feeling that could transfer one body to another and similarly this happened to the unknown people who knot themselves in relationship then they apparently remains two bodies and certainly they become as one soul because of such realistic aspect and reality that humans can transfer their good or bad habits or emotions or positive or negative energies to each other.

The motivation, inspiration, imagination, sense of art, sight gestures, smile even the yawning is the gesture which easily spread to others and others easily effected of this gesture. The inspirational quotes or literature study or the stories that could absorb the trilling results and purposes or mysterious messages easily have the traveling and shifting impacts over human mind, spirit, emotions and actions.

The movies that adhere the tragic scenes or the situation which been through the spectators in an instance of their life at any momentum or moments that could arouse the sense of catharsis even the hyper sensitive souls have tear upon watching the movies, similarly the funny videos could sprang up roar of laughter in audiences.

Energy shift through personalities// characters, through their traits and idiosyncrasies, through debate impression or expression all are discriminative and distinguished signs and has their own sense of significance.

Consequently, positiveness explore positive attitude and positive signs and negative energies explore the negative signs just like the jealousy, one jealous heart transfer its fire to the others life and ruin both, similarly the prejudice mind make one’s own self jaundice eye and in shifting this to another.

Simultaneously, transferring the sentiments, mental activities, spiritual radiations, or making all these in a deliberate effort a practice or exclusive by focusing or concentrating any sense over any object or any possibility of gain … It would happened by the believe, art of concentration and magic of focus……..

It would definitely happen………conclusively we all should adopt and should spread positive layers, should focus upon positive objects containing positive wills and for outcome for positive desires.

Inspirational Quotations


  • My success and competition is getting tough day by day with myself ….Own self is hard person to be contented…………!!
  • Come on!! I’m a layman…….O Man! A rare common one trying to know myself!!
  • Dig your Fate get the treasure
  • Fate is intellectually sound but human mind does not work there
  • Fate declines sometimes but it never farewell the puppet to rest upon self deceives, it plays upon, tricks upon and checkmate finally …….
  • Going on and on so far the breath last and fate acts………..!!
  • Fate rule mind window also when to open, when to close it distinguish rather better than control
  • Fate is overdue to rule over intellect as well
  • Fate is sound key to open the door infatuated love and featured Divine Love.
  • Far dust you go, climb high to dost, figuration is ultimate the achievement by both struggle and fate be upon your side
  • Once I was hard worker, I struggle a lot but fate was not on my phase, luck was not on my side and I mostly lose.
  • When luck be my coin I have all the treasure mine of mine, I stay king of own kingdom prevail to others.
  • Fate is the prime side of effort.
  • Fate can be reveal by the prevailing the distinguished and diminished thoughts.
  • Time and Fate has one similarity of unpredictability and possibility to be cruel any time of need.
  • Kingdom of Fate is the over ruling the strongest emperors of time of intellect.
  • Fugitive the core of thought for Fate but it is not ……
  • Side of coins are not head or tale, realistically they are one key work (Hard work/ Intelligence) and other Divine (Unseen Fate) sometimes one partial be the king and sometimes the other and when coin just still stand both defused the relation.
  • Intelligence never sounds fate as fate is beyond limits of intelligence
  • Intellect has nothing to do with Divine source, Fate, Heavenly Life the discrimination yet false intellect, fall by heart and upfront by believes.
  • Intelligence itself digging the broader board of chess.
  • Intelligence has role to play over fate signs but just to obey them.
  • Concentration without purity of mind is of no avail.
  • Real practice begins from concentration. Concentration merges in meditation. Concentration is a portion of meditation.
  • You are born to concentrate the mind on God after collecting the mental rays that are dissipated on various objects. That is your important duty.
  • Concentration of the mind on God after purification can give you real happiness and knowledge. You are born for this purpose only.
  • Art of concentration is the best unseen art that draws even the unfathomable, unpredictable, unreliable sketches converting in practice.
  • At your face management never advantage of your source but behind the scene, behind the curtains they know how much even a coin of yours cost.
  • Magic of focus is figurative whatsoever not real but ought to be, and what so ever real would be fragile ….
  • Life of Mind is more than life of Muscle, henceforth the muscle be death mind even stay alive in featured sayings or provoked registered thoughts.
  • Figures receive the command they type they hold pen, they workout and behave like strings to be on harmonium.
  • Commemorate the best times refresh the breathing if inspiration if one been through the hard times.

Yamu –E- Ashura !!


Moharram Alakram is the first month of Muslim Year Hijri and it is the most significant of all other eleven months the 9th and the 10th dates of this vital month are the most important one. Through reliable Islamic resources these two days are of great worth and interprets the sign of many happenings, those are recommended to the human world in reference to the relevant prestigious people of the times and ages.

Yamu –E- Ashura –>

The days vital for the Creations of universe, Heavens and Earth, Day and Night, Good and Evil….. The importance witnessed through that Adam A.S got the forgiveness, Noah A.S got the reward of Ark’s miracle, Younus A.s got freedom from whale’s tummy, Yaqoob A.S got favor on same day, Moses & Huron A.S got the empower of Faith, Abraham A.S became Khalil and got rid of Namrood’s Fire, Adrees A.S stepped forward towards heavens, Saliaah A.S has the Miracle of Born Camel………….

And Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH (Khatam-Un Nubieen) got the victory and spread world wide the Message ……………

All the happiness of the of Prophets greatest miracles associates with these Important Days………… BUT One Sorrow that would be mountain enough over and above all the great happenings…..The Martyrdom Of Hazrat Husain R.A in Karbala!!

This world history is strange enough to copy the exact facts, history revives its’ importance due to the causes sound and effect. Whenever the world histories get the revolution or red revolution it always provokes the sign after the biggest happenings. This human world and history is full of the wars and actions, sometimes over the religion, sometimes over the lust of land and treasures……

When ever happened over the purpose of lust of land and treasure it always conclude the selfish and mean consequences to the remaining and coming generations. But when ever these wars conclude against the cruelty, for truth, for the ONENESS OF ALLAH and for Creator’s Favor these wars concluded the positive results of serenity, solace and peace of knowledge and truth here after that could educate the generations after generations for the sour results of the bloodshed and the sacrifices of the martyrs for the noble causes.

These important days are vital because of not only the Battle of Karbala but because of many reasons and reasoning for the universal manner and universal truth. The world and history is significant of happenings, and happenings are the core results of the decisions or attitude of thinking though they could be on the partial level of human or they either are divine.

Ashura are the days, way recommended and memorable by the religious sector of Muslims and Jews …….. Muslim commemorate in the essence of the religious significant days of rare happenings by the Divine power, they are positive based on serenity mostly accept one element the martyrdom of Holy Prophets grandson Hazrat Husain A.S, The alternation of Moses A.S from the pharaoh for Bani Israel, The forgiveness of Adam A.S, the creations of creations of universe, earth and heavens, the beginning of life and death, all introduced ………………

There are most empowered predictions are also associated with these two major days, and it has been declared by Holy Figure that the Armageddon, and the day that banish the worldly life and this universe that would be the Yamu- E- Ashura as these are the declared days of happenings that could be Of Divine Essence ………….

So far there are lots of studies on the phase of earth, the religion and the belief study cannot challenge because they conclude and sustain Divine Essence and where there is Divinity, there is only obedience be needed, the decline is out gauge and worth nothing but empty vessel…………..

These days are of greater worth and of significant and perhaps we can say but cannot feel in that way unless we have the evidence of happenings in our times……BUT who believes they just bow bestow, stay obedient and declaration would be their essence of attitude, who decline they don’t even rely over they own selves to be trusted as their inner house of heart stay empty and dark ………..narrow and dead……….deaf and paralyzed………….

Be Alive, harmonized, true, realistic, be enlightened, be straightened , be open and wide, be blessed, be a Believer have faith of true significances …………Be follower of True Realities bestowed by Divine Source ………….

Ivory Ring


Consideration was convinced, Contentment was heightened, light was on side, way was the shore, ocean of emotion got gravity, the gravitation and the magic was limitless, priceless and precious enough to express, impress and this impressionistic, expressionistic approach was appealing, impelling and revealing…..

Sight the blind eyes … have the sight too, the stronger one through the third eye, through the inner eye, when it comes to the reevaluation and revelation. Verily, the revelation always relates to ultimate light of truth that could never under estimate at any cost. Surely, the reevaluation is revolutionary, it is psychoanalysis of ownself, of relating sources, outer chores, it is evolving and revolving just like the wheel of time that could move in certain circle and brought uncertain wheel realities but the phase remains in the specific designed volume……

Human Beings have two ears and one tongue…….Logically, instinctively, constructively and considerably should listen more and speak less……..Nevertheless; brains could be wise enough to understand whatsoever before speech……..

Treasures are not those that would found from the caves of wonder mountains but those which come from the pure innocent and noble modest hearts. We as human are wise enough to get an idea to line up life journey over it and be the part of crowd. We human beings are sane enough to find the purpose to survive and be the breathing mammals.

We crown of creation have all the brains that could be innovative and imaginative to be the conquerors of world. We the vital principles among living beings are worthy enough to explore the universe and be certainly to determine the will to organize the worldly course on the best righteous path.

Time is an Ivory Ring of the Ivory Revolving Wheel, Time is a character, and its debate is the best in effectiveness and worthy over all the hearings and to time heir… Time is a jewel of lost Era……. Time is treasure of lost souls, Time is time, is a wheel of reality….

Time is the worst enemy when not healer and its time the best of all when be the part of fate deliver revealing book …. Time is huge wall to be lift over to climb over to invest over to catch the peaks…… It’s in unconscious; it’s in conscious….. It is fixed by clock but it is cock by the moments……

Time is a memory of memories, a memory of remembrance, remembrance to resemblance, to emblem the course of universal galaxies. Time is a cloak of wearing era; Time is a monk, a priest….Time is a teacher times of times. Time is smoke wave as soon, inhale as sour. Time is a fog stay as salience …

Time is a mist preference of which is sound, travels as light gone as running horse. Time declare itself as giant limitless, spread as cloud seen as blue where as itself transparent…..Time is an ocean of emotions but hold the rest express the waves of unknown. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character… It is an ivory character… It is Ivory Ring…..It is treasure … Does it sounds?? Does it be ……..

Positively the sign of affirmation is there ….. Time is like an ivory skin of Ivory Character of Ivory role model….Time is a struggling Ivory wheel to move on and on…. Time is the lingering aspect, is the heart of universal truth, is a signature of history, time is a stamp of ages that could revive through the speeches …..

Time is sometimes the identity of innocence and sometimes owns the experience. Time is education path; a learning school of all age groups……Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Lets the inside of character, is the neutral, the cruel, the noble, the best……. Time is natural it is nature moody seasonal…..Instinctive … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is sight of soul, time has heart full of sentiments to care of ownself…..Time is an Ivory Mirror reflects the shadow to the valley of reality……….Time is a garden….Time is statue of Era in the garden of universal land, it has tongue to express words, it has several versions to wrap all the humans around the world be part of the ivory wheel, it is ….. Instinctive … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is a book have many chapters, few are important to read, few are vital to learn, few are to chew, few are to digest, few are educate others, few are to be subjective, few are to be theoretical, few for the practical, few are for thesis….. Time is catalogue of different subjects of several aspects …….….. Instinctive … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is an awareness, though self awareness or of others. Time is reorganization though self awareness or of others. Time is knowingly the realistic truth. Time is Instinctive ….. Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is a communication, commence able, commendable and it creates its own coins that would be priceless….Time is a coin having two sides head and tale…… Time is a tale of universal galaxies ….Time is tight for right … right for right and wrong for wrong. Time is Instinctive … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is an art of conversation, a dialogue of a child. Time is a frame of sight a picture of soul demonstrative to metaphysical agnatic and magnetic chore …Time is picture of a king that rules on uncertainties……Time is a figure of queen that chess over phenomena and wins over unpredictabilities…….Time is a game….Is a chess.. Is a reliability of unreliability, possibility of impossibility, certainty of uncertainty, is opportunity of mis-opportunity, is a calculation of mathematics and mathematical ages, and is invention of science, discovery of truth and knowledge…..Time is ….. Instinctive … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is a calendar, time in dates to remember, to resemble, to assemble…..Time is assembly of generations over generations, nations after nations…..Time is plan of nature that governs never be over rules and never be beyond boundary …… Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Time is cloudy shadow, time is standing lighthouse on the top of hills where ocean waves touches, torches, stand and comes and went away ….. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

A Calendar, a date to remember, a noise, a sound, a voice, a louder tape…… a bee of message……Nature of nature, moody, seasonal …. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

This is magical ivory ring, I wore it and get the character that make a journey in my soul world with sound of this speech………Ivory Ring…..An Ivory Ring ……….wait for the next phase to see Ivory Mirror ………….. Nature of nature, moody, seasonal …. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Character as the heart, tale tells by heart, character as a soul, character as a conscience, character as a conscious ………..TIME …….. Nature of nature, moody, seasonal …. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……

Considerations were convinced………… Consideration is convincing …. Consideration could be convincing and would ever be …….Time is a statue of stone made of stone but has version, stand in the universal garden, rare as ERR star ……………..TIME …….. Nature of nature, moody, seasonal …. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is …. A ….. Character …..

Time is significance of truth and reality, is a reflection of source is interpretation of darkness to light and light to darkness …Time is compromise and comparable to black hole …Time is Ego of super character, of super being … Time is supreme in extreme as extreme in supreme … …

Time is extravagant jewel, leave the stops, spots and steps towards….Time is a tree of ages, springs to autumn, summer to winter whose leaves are emblem of shoring swans in the river aside ….Time is significant …. ….. Nature of nature, moody, seasonal …. Instinctive the Time … Time is time…. TIME…..Time of times …..It is a character……


Aesthetics Sense


Aesthetic Sense is a sense just like other five basic senses in human structure, it may compare to the common sense or on the contrary it may little higher in stature than the common sense, because common sense is a sense which is not commonly used by common people upon the common aspects of life …………But even than this sense relates to the senses to sense the situations and sense to define the sensible things…………..

And where there no common sense will be used there the commendable, commence able, recommendable source of sense may appear as Aesthetic sense, which relates to the human arts, designs, beauty and appearance, culture and decorative sense of attitude.

Human consensus are the amazingly astonish senses, that could make foot prints in the mountains, construct the blueprinted lands, make houses in mountains , that could made the floor of jewels and shelves of pearls…. Human sense of art and art of construction, human sense of beauty and art of beauty, human sense of consumerism to conquer the world upon the will or for the fulfillment of just sense of luxuriousness not enough for human senses…………….

Human sense is higher and the embodiments of human art all around the world are worth praising. Though they were Muslims, they were christens or belong to other dynasties and religions, all the nations in the world in all the times and eras worked out for the best quested art and art of beauty in all aspects.

For the art and arts of beauty humans are never bound to the phase, time or boundaries, human’s senses and mind never paralysis the sense of art and beauty to any limit bust always quest and search for the precious most ways to establish human aesthetic sense.

Man is made to quest the identities of inner world in the outer wonder land where human has been send to deliver the message of Creator with love, harmony and with instinctive sense of art and beauty.

Beauty and art of beauty is the weakness of mankind, the search of innocence and experience in such arts calculative as sketching, painting, architects, human sources of gathering nature aspects all are the part of human aesthetics…………

Whatsoever be the reasoning behind the images or the reflection of human inspiration for the sense of art and beauty, rare or random, common or uncommon, special or precious all above that human is instinctive mammal who core and adores all the aspects that capture beauty and even human mind essence has this ability to express and to snatch the precious and priceless treasures and made them the wonder for all the generations and among all other human races.

Around the world there are lots of Muslim made monuments, Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy , beautiful and charmful Mosques that could rapped gaze top to toe and hold sight till the breath last the ages and times are witness over the magical aspects and grooming of human aesthetic senses. Muslim Sultans to Kings, Prophets to Caliphs all worthy effect and prefer and appreciate the sense of this highly recommendable source and such arts. Islamic Aesthetics are finest among all nations and alluring and charismatic that enhance craving effectiveness……..

Similarly, there is no difference or division of religion of gender or skins to highlight the sense of extremes in due course………The Medieval Era to Renaissance all eras are commendable for the human aesthetic sense  on the higher level ………there are lots of churches and cathedrals especially situated in Italy, France surely in Europe which are eye catching and praise worthy in sense that how could man think to establish them in such a perfect realism, and how man fulfill the image of mind in pragmatism………

Man truly portrays his heart’s will in aesthetic sense while involving the heart core efforts to capture the universal invincible galaxies ….Human Heart in such effort and quest is seeker, peeper, deeper, reaper…. its stays in the hidden area of body but moves and swings all the way in universe…………………

Human essence of delivering the art, diverting the art, explaining the art, observing the art and absorbing the art is fabulous enough to challenge his own imagination to conquer the impossible and the toughest complicated shadow of unknown arts that could introduce to the generations after generations……

The constructions art of beauty, the speech art of beauty, the writings in art of beauty where ever the human consent matched the intensive idea and the intense ideological inspirations human could and would raise above than thoughts and cross the boundaries beyond essence known ……. Consequently human essence and senses are the utmost desirable corners to conquer and edges to shore……

Sense of art of knowledge, essence of art of beauty all above is very impressive, magical electromagnetic power that empowers and magnetically attracts and contracts human consensus through and upon the new and driven aspects to represent in innovative Brilliancy and Excellency. This excellency could and would convert in hyper excellency once wisely advert and convert to nations and to world with knowledge and ultimate message to achieve goals……

Human sense of New Aesthetic Sense in modern development that would be finest and refinest of all is the aesthetic one that could lead to the incredible achievements, invincible satisfaction of human will and wonderful inspiration to the world and alluring essence that could beautify the land of man with humane wise acts ………..