I Toy the Words ….


    Just quest to think and think to quest! See I toy the words! Words to select to write and to say always should be the most important but duly in the world we are living we are conscious of our speech and not conscious what to speak where to appropriate to speak…..

    Character within character I toy the words….. I troy the words, sentence to character …. Character to sentence ….

    Never be bored or cynical yesterday is the thing of the past…… bad luck comes by pounds and goes away by ounces; you’re in the same boat.

    Don’t let your fears blind your trust, but allow your trust to blind your fears. There’s always a flip side to everything…… Flip side to everything everywhere …..

    Focus on the positives and you will realize how someone has gone to great lengths to make you happy and prove their love to you….. One song can change a moment, one idea can change a word, one step can start a journey, but a prayer can change even an impossible …..

    Quest to think and think to quest …… I toy the words.

    Words are weapon; they are what represent the thinking in practical aspects. Words are of what thinking spells, now tow major realities of universe that rules, embellish or demolish positive or negative…..

    Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.

    When we keep the negative aspects in all above major elements than the negativity the fruit and reward in all aspects…..

    Character is what emblem of many aspects that comes from the outer course or via inner universe. What impact is the soul enhancement, the soul which is higher in stature and hyper sensitive perceptive and conventionally, conceptually high always been trapped in the pot of this mud (physical body).

    Hyper sensitive perception is one of the core realities that are attached with the emotions, now emotions are not science, not logical all the time infact emotions are never logical. Sentiments have their own version they are not logical at all but what they are they are deep as ocean expression to them itself is an art A brilliant art, an art at soul is incredible.

    I toy the words when I can’t toy with toys…. I toy the words is an expression which enhance no emphasis on ‘I’ but on ‘Toy’ and ‘Words’ ….. Tasking the words and toying them like balancing the scale……. I Toy the words and when I don’t toy the words I simply troy the words.

    Creating a magic is from the spell of words, innovative to be in thought need expression in words. In Era we are breathing lots of brilliant thinkers and writers are there but even then they can’t wholly explain what they been through ……

    Every human is unique, what differs them is just the anatomical variations and such variations are natural and nature holds and plays, here nature toys ….
    Just quest to think and think to quest! See I toy the words! Words to select to write and to say always should be the most important but duly in the world we are living we are conscious of our speech and not conscious what to speak where to appropriate to speak…..

    Character within character I toy the words….. I troy the words, sentence to character …. Character to sentence ….

Bouncing Balls …..


    Bouncing Balls – The ball is the object which is interlinked with intellect, very strangely. Knowingly so far when it spins it pins… When bounce it pounce … When hip hop in hands it just mimic the intellect in the ways in the waves, in the mood.

    Well playing with ball is actually very healthy for mind, bounce, bounce and bounce the ball is exactly what the fate does with the human sometimes bounce, bounce and bounce …..

    So far humans are also like bouncing balls, here and there with no certain reasoning sometimes but bouncing is the element that creates the evaluation with the originally sound course.

    What’s different when there is no difference of juggling balls in hands? And what difference when the number of balls are in hands to juggle with? Certainly its art of skill to handle so many balls altogether in one instance, and every one cannot perform so …. Holding balls are not big deal, bouncing balls handling is something but juggling with balls in air is creatively high in all consequences …..

    Bouncing is the core reality that covers human fate and time keeps in revolving, and it is different entity for different people, all hold different fate, different phase of time and different course of study in life few has similar topics been through but even than the observance and absorbing qualities are different.

    So why and how one can be compare to other …. Perhaps it’s insulting, comparison without reasoning of growth is nothing but damage, comparison just for the money funding of ownself is critically hellish ….

    The Range defines what level bears……. Each mind has different transformation of evolving through consequences … Evolving….Revolving of balls afflicted with evolving of transformations ….The range defines what level bears ……

    Skills, Arts and the Qualities are higher in stature ….Higher the most …. Skill polishes art of quality to be enhanced as quality of art as skill, this is what the caliber of managing the bouncing balls …….

    Tolerance is a quality which pave way in most of the paths where uneven road split and the stones hit even if one tried to be conscious of what see, what heard or what assume to be …. When you make a world tolerable for yourself, you make a world tolerable for others…….

    Skills been built up by the maximizing the higher qualities in practice, now what are higher qualities? They are what skill refined to intimate one’s action pragmatically to minus oneself for others.
    The higher aspect counts when one suffers to bring peace to others ….. Qualities are not self created but they can be carried, they can be extracted from the higher Natured people. Qualities can be shared can be travelled can be shifted…..That’s why the goodness can be spread and the illness can also be spread ….

    The extensions of qualities are reality, their wide range is vital rare is the eye which enhances the higher quality of range …..

    See the juggler who holds the stick it is not magical but magic is in his skill…Watch the bouncing of balls … the energy is not in balls but in the skill of player … Watch the juggling of balls stabilized in the air with same pace, quality is in the enhancement of the practice of a skillful juggler whose art is purchase less, priceless and higher in value ……….

    Tolerable aspects are rare in life so being tolerant and persistent soul having patience and absorb the bad times bitter aspects, sour consequences, are the higher quality one who does bring peace and higher management to himself/herself actually the best emblem of example to others ……

    Be emblem of qualities, of talent, of skills, of art, be an example to others…..Be the time maker not the time taker, be a time explorer, be a fate maker not fate taker , be a fate explorer ….Be a time maker, fate maker , time and fate explorer ……

    Now this be by the bouncing of balls, or handling balls in the air…..Or by the revealing of qualities of oneself or by polishing them, via art enhancement or via skill exploration.

    Be a trend setter, not just a follower ….Be a skillful person that recognizes own qualities and wider spread to and in long distances …… If nothing you are then be a juggler with bouncing balls in the air ….

    Each person has a court, a judge, a lawyer …..Be a justified judge, be a managed court in yourself, in you….. Be a true lawyer that wins the case for truth for justice ……I have bouncing balls in my court ….Do you have yours?

    Be a juggler if you are no one, nothing in yourself ….Be no one but True to yourself once you be true to yourself you become True to everyone to whole world …Be true in your existence in your Nature this Truth only bring peace, this truth only make close and closer to the Nature’s Love which is Divine !

    Juggler is good when play, he trust his skill, explore his talent and widespread the art which is enjoyable in his nature….The balls are gravity in his hands velocity brings his carrying quality the magical …

    Magic is in art when it is been polished by skill and refined by the quality of what been actually needed to be in practice ……

When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier.


Verily, very interestingy, it is well said

‘ When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier’

True, is the life when it comes to the reality, is in front of you like a desert and you can collect what you see and drops what you feel. Eyes hold what can possibly collect the collections from the grains of the desert ……
The Desert is what the collection of several uncountable grains that could be mixture of anything that could estimate to.

What is actually the hardest to scroll is to fall empty in desert and found nothing but that one is lost due to the hardship of fate.

Even in the worst trap if the want gets stronger the how become so easier to achieve because in the whole universe the rule of thumb is that every two major entities are actually attached and in the same time detached with each other kinda like good and bad.

The toughness which comes to one’s way the easiness attached to that but seemingly the roughness comes to sight because it has the forceful impact therefore it cause and along cause affect…….

But if the worst happens than itself it is the evidence for the betterment hereafter, no time bar, no time line, none fate bar no fate line but just the believe to if be in than sometimes be out……….

The chemistry of the universe revolves around two major entities, both surprises each other most of the time but winning course is the ultimate the best in favor, the best in origin and the best as true as the truth design………

Want is one forceful entity or emotion that made its’ ways smoother by itself, want gets what it makes ways to or on the other hand it must say like that want is the winning course, the ultimatum of the will and the chance. Want plays with both, Will and Chance if lose than seek, if find than Greek …………Yeah, truth of truth:

‘’Want is winning course, the ultimatum of the Will and the Chance…Want plays with both, Will and Chance…. If lose than seek, if find than Greek….. ‘’

The bar of toughness brings the undisguised the easiness we should void the curtains from the human eyes to the spiritual eye to see through things …….

Yeah SEE THROUGH THINGS, this is another very interesting course ….

See through things is actually seeing beyond things, here materials are fake, here appearance the deceptive the disguise elements are eminent and imminent…… Conclusively: “Immense are the Eyes…..’

Immense are the eyes which see the realities, immense are the souls who see through things, immensity is the house of those souls of those eyes who bother to live beyond control who consider the world after world and hereafter world. Immense are the eyes……Immense are the souls …..Immensity is the house for those…..

Coming back to the truth of the path where one can road the life as entire effort or entire life as an effort …….Immensity for sure is there, whence the want is stronger and higher in reach than the How, the cause, the way out become easier for the oriented performer who just don’t wanna be survivor as there are many, want to be the performer. Who is performer, the one for the sky is the limit ………..

How become easier for the one who figure out the want in the right direction and the directives be the true to the path of truth than the Will stays nothing but conqueror and Chance the most opportunistic …..The one who figures out the want of want in the right direction …..Then and when the want get stronger than the How become easier…

“Immense are the Eyes…..those see through things …….see through things to get the immensity in eye that connects soul to the truth and truth of truth …..

’Want is winning course, the ultimatum of the Will and the Chance…Want plays with both, Will and Chance…. If lose than seek, if find than Greek….. ‘’

    When the ‘Want’ gets Stronger, the ‘How’ gets Easier.

The desert is the world, where survival is a gain; again the survival is the grain …..The performer never chance to survival at death but enjoys death in each breath of survival and then be called the performer …..Immense is the eye that sees through things even in the course of blindness far beyond desert ………..

What we can do is Nothing!!


Special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time …. …… These are the entities which are beyond control of humans and they are predictably very unpredictable. They can be smoother for the peace and harmony of the souls and they could be destructive for the surfing of knowing…..

What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Truth is that we struggle for what already written and that to be destined… Pre-destined entities sooner or later come front and play the role themselves as they have been commanded…..

The commanded entities are strong enough to fight back, here struggle is just the name of little touch to heart for rest remaining test and their spirit will be so high that one cold be wind storm to be in the facet of their appearances…

The commanded entities are tough rather toughest when one tries to swim against them but those who went with waves they favor the water edges not themselves only the obstinate can try well to their willingness but then the matter is special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time are the entities which are beyond control ……. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Pre-planned Essences of Divine are much higher in worth than the planned by the earthly beings as they plan with the blindness of the sight but the Divine is the Ultimate has all Knowledge, has all Control and has all the Observance from end to ill end from beginning to beginning from end of end and from beginning of beginning.
Obviously when it comes to the Divine Entities and Essences than what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Dimensions and dimensional realities are what connected with the breath, soul and spirit of humans and they be acted or reacted the way absorbs by the behavior or attitude of humans in their channels of experiences and in their orbits of living.

The person who been through trials and be preserved not immediately but gradually and definitely wins the favors in which the breath, soul and spirit be harmonized and flourished …..

But oneself be through what designed for self to be adorned no one else or no other self can help for the circle or orbited entities when they be lashed out. Here obviously the emblem of emotion raise as what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

In life circles there are lots of sharp turnings where one could feel helpless despite of the fact self struggle hard, effort more than energy and enough to the beliefs of believes that self nevertheless whatever holding faith done much to wait the favor of Divine but pause, get what seems nothing, get what apparently emptiness or instead of having all the human excess and access self remains the sand toy handled by threads at the place in such bindings what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Similar to the extent that despite of unwillingness our loved ones left us for the world unknown humans like us neither seen nor been there before but be there on our turn, as we comes from unknown to known and then return to unknown ….This is what the pre-orbited ……

But when someone dies to whom we ardently and adorably attached and loses breath in front of us despite of the fact we see, we watch, we feel, we connected, we can touch apparent and we can sojourned or we can imagine the journey hereafter but at that stage if some ne near, dear, closest left us here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Emotions the intense emotions are kinda like same of come from unknown to known and then return to unknown, intellect and sanity to some extent as well come from unknown to known and then return to unknown…. Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

The unknown is known and then unknown… but this unknown is known everywhere, in everything, in each entity, in each dimension and in each Self of Self, though remains in oneness or this oneness be multiple in facets …… Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Faith is also commanding, the source of demanding and it worth the same control which is pre-defined, pre-destined and pre-planned and when it be on the path which orbited the positive synergies the creations are in ideal role and they role to rule the ordered myths in the practice….

This oneness could be also in multiple facets…. Here again what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

But when the same entity is another dimension of orbit where it can clashes and be destructive than the killings, the bloodsheds, the loss of humanity, about the race distinctions, the religious differences wars, the battles of opposite minds, the dead corpses and all the unpeaceful activities they just be in flow and if they be happened and maketh their existence among so many other existences then here again…..

Again here what we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

I am not the self controller, myself is not what destiny is ….Me is not the writer of my fate that maketh my Self …. ….. Surely for other selves are not by themselves they have been ruled, they have been chased, they have been controlled and so the whole Universe and Universal entities and dimensions been controlled by Creator, He is the Holder and Beholder …… For such chance of entity …. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

There are lots of aspects that are uncontrollable; they are unconquerorable and the human triumph over them possibly not possible …Again here for such chance of entities …. What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Special wheels of Lot, Chance, Destiny, Fate & Time…… these are the entities which are beyond control of humans and they are predictably very unpredictable. Come from unknown to known and then return to unknown…

Again and again to such holes, to such orbits, to such circles, to such entities, to such dimensions, to such ……Again here …. …

What we can do is Nothing! They are pre-defined, pre-destined and pre- planned!

Absolute Words


Sometimes we lack absolute words to express the absolute impressions and expressions. Sometimes we don’t have absolute words, tongue, version or signs to express the absolute realities which we have had explored but didn’t captured them consciously—

Conscious realities are always somewhat very opposite to the unconscious realities and they are actually very opposite to sub-conscious realities, all are connected to some extend strangely.

Strangely connected and extended these each of the corners are the product of whole universal backup for each human being and the hidden truths for the character and character’s life orbit, character’s life orbit have had been preserved in these corners with vague shadows, one who is sane enough to explore these corners, actually concentrate over the hidden core realities to except the external circulation of life and universal truths.

Consciously delivered, consciously acted, consciously approached, and consciously promoted conscious dealing all are abstract somewhat there …..Uncertainty is understandable and most distressing all the way. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that “To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Everything happens by reason and same instance everything happens by chance both navigate each other but even than create paralysis balance, static sometimes and dynamic on the other , this creation be on the ground when absolute words play magic absolutely……

Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes and effects that may implement all over for the sudden and hidden actions and reactions…….

Though the statement of the reality been that absolute power corrupts absolutely but when power be hidden in words than words took the place of weapon or they be the absolute power of control or absolute power of rule. Absolute determination over conquerors or corruptors ….

Absolute resolutions are the absolute words that be sink hole to all theories, statements and philosophies. Absolute words are what absolutely demand the right opportunity of right circumstances to be said to be convinced or to be persuaded.

Words can do what actions sometimes nothing, because actions most of the time has paralysis without the motivation of the words, without the inspiration of words and without the pulp of words magic of impression in actions or over actions.

Words can do what images do, words can do what practice do, words can do what nature do, words can do what creates, consumes and control heart beat, words can do what take breath away and words can make alive a life forever or may maketh sentenced death.

Word are no remedy for dead, words never workout for them who never worth saying or obliging them, words are nothing for no one unless they been quoted with the accent of impression what in front the being deserves or what the in front the appearing demands.

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words, because once they been said or delivered to never be returned back unless been reacted to …..For the selection of words what we do in present era? We select most surely what we listen…

Yeah mostly what we listen … If we listen the abusive language we adopted the same despite of the fact it is ruling all over our nerves fevering us without the reasoning of adaptation ….

Such adaptation left us nothing but the uncultured norm of the day with the award of nothing but the spender of time, spender of life and spender of each breath that lot has bestowed or written for the specific time. Yeah such way left us just the spender not the liver not the being been dignified……

What we learn is the second highest most rank what we deliver, for such the practice and the platform effects but this be selected by the civilized beings though they pretend to even than or few are what their refined instincts and nature alarmed or directed them ….

Present Era? Woah …. Nevertheless it is not much efficiently designed for the burden of speech there are lots of ways just to communicate the levels once we have of sound conversations are hanged little but though the presentation still there ….

Words are what the thinking give birth, words are what the instincts directed to be and words are what they have to be according to the situation, according to the audience, according to the being, accordingly to the personality ought to deliver and accordingly to the purpose……

According to the purpose is what actually words sound, what actually words are made up of…… Words are empty unless they been rule by the expressionistic speech of the enhance character that could be strongly and magnetically connected to the lead of Mercury (planet of communication).

Words may spell the listeners if they be worthy of the discussion or more effective in competition to allure the senses of beings towards any inclination that be practice through actions. Select and choose words than deliver them with utmost care as they create, sound and reveal the character and personality’s whole idiosyncrasies ….

Strive for higher grant when it comes to the selection of words as they be actually carrying the absolute power to create, control and consume gravity. Absolute words corrupt absolutely and absolute words effect absolutely for the causes …….. Uncertainty is surely understandable But it is also reality though that

“To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

Absolute words are equal to the absolute realities; absolute words are the selection of wit, wit the selection of Essence that derives, delivers and demonstrates …..Absolute words are absolute wit absolutely… … Absolute words……

Forwarding To The World Unknown….


Truth is somewhere hides under waters or beyond the highest mountains, or in heavens but it has such powerful existence that no one can underestimate it or estimate it to the direction of his own. Truth has its such existence, the presence that it connects, contributes and consummate.

Truth is the converse reflection of reality so harsh sometimes that its bitterness ruin even the beauty of it self’s existence. Sometimes truth has its beauty hide in innocence but it is seen mostly in practical world that innocence always hide the truth that attorney of the deceptive image.

Consequently, the world unknown is the world none other than human world of consciousness and under oceans of consciousness. As every one’s mind is actually another tip of another tongue. Slip of tongue actually ruins the mind’s imagination of the add sense reality. Slip of memory is actually worst than that.

The rule of consciousness is the most powerful it is been consume the mental energies from the universal truths around and most profoundly from the Truth Divine. Now when it comes to the vivid aspect of reality of Truth what actually it meant by implementing over the presence of existence in the living beings.

Reality always has its’ own shades and shapes, it has reflection, it has deception, it has perceptives and conceptions all are apparently hideous but in depth as a matter of fact very insidious.

The one who is actually attracted to this profound knowledge, infact Truth is a kind of rare knowledge which illuminates the all hidden dark corners with light with soul of right with spirit of order.

Abundantly, Truth is actually the sign of forwarding to the world unknown of rare mysteries that could open the doors to the light of soul’s life where the self respect of the conscience is the crown of all existing aspects.
Vividly, it has been seen that though truth in this universal reality may ruin the charm of attainments and the business of making money to ease the life but what happened when such actions convert and converse in the human characterization. Everything lost if the loss is of character.

This character of human is actually the soul of reality and of Truth so far the person is truth lover and spread it out in all aspects the Light of Truth becomes the knowledge in all the roads on all the paths to make the guidance of the character.

This forwarding of Truth is actually the transfer of a true soul from the base of the appearance to the peaks of realities where all the flowers are full of fragrance; all are attached to the universal acts to the heavenly rewards.

Who said that we have nothing on earth heavenly, we have the virtue of Truth the most highest in existence and the crown of all virtues with heavens’ powers. This is infact the Light of the soul, Light of the Knowledge, Light of Universe, Light of the Heavens and the Light of the Supreme Essence.

The world is following the footsteps of the super ego, which dominates the conscience kills it for bad reasons; murder it for the self sake for the expenses of the timely world to be hanged hereafter. World’s councils are dead when they make the characters realize only sufficiently the rights of their appearances for the livery of their skin keepings.

Unknown realities have the worth and have mysterious sounds, profoundly enough the gravity of attraction, they make suspicious to those who have nothing but curiosity to fulfill and vibre the sound whereas it has always the path of virtue and cloth of modesty for those who feel the essence of it.

Unknown Truths are also of the similar context, when they are hidden they must be the red carpet for the royal walk and when they disguise the apparent beauty and fall in to the rivers of dignity of reward then it comes and become forwarding to the world unknown where nothing lies, nothing sense but the Truth.

There are uncovered Truths of the soul’s world the one who be the mystic to peep inside to gain the pearls to quest them to gather them he/she be the respected most honored most.

Character of human is like scale, like needles of clock, like to and fro make sounds sometimes becomes quite rare of rare the character is who knows about itself in the original sense and out of thousand tripe nine stays failed in this effort.

Whatever be the course of life for the character, whatever be the fate of the character which is mostly different from each other and so on the one who succeed in this race is the one who is higher in the virtue of recognizing the Truth of his/her character’s fate and wearing the Truth in all the acts of the human deeds so that the deeds become the speech themselves for the character to be bestowed upon the fast tracks in the turbulences if life’s trapped circumstances.

When the character awakes and whence the sleep, when the fate awakes whence the sleep, when the conscience is awakes whence the sleep, when the consciousness is awakes whence the sleep, when the act is awakes and whence sleep, when the virtue is awakes and whence it sleep and when the Truth is awakes it never sleeps, when the Light is awakes it never sleeps to darken any course of life either on earth neither in heavens. When the Knowledge awakes it never sleeps as it follows the same measurement the Truth does the light does ………..

To say, to write to color it not that easy what words can express, the impression of the feel and to feel the life is actually the whole core reality, who feels can sustain, can vibe, can hold on can make the Divine relations.
No one can erase the writ of fate, no one maketh the own character but the fate, no one conceive or perceive the Truth but the digger who carbon the way forwarding to the world of existence on non existed to the scene, seen and the unseen…….

Truth is though stranger than fiction but Truth highlights and makes the difference to know of knowing of the worth living of worth Divine………….

Unknown Reasons


All and all have reasons at core, in depth and in reality but are they actually? Sometimes we stay happy for the reasons unknown and sometimes we stay delusional for unknown reasons, sometimes melancholic, sometimes tragic and sometimes beyond the boundary of human existence and even so easy to forget the miraculous providence of truth and reality. What lies under the sun so majestic that these unknown reasons are all around?

These are not easily comprehended all the time in all conjuncture or conjecture. However it is the part of human wisdom that humans usually associates all the available resources to the science of senses and then elaborate it to the certain levels of realities so far every human has no such norms or psychological enhancement that get all the core realities into the surface of existence but even than every human lives due to the certain reasoning of environmental resources.

Emotions are the most parallel and unparallel scale of this study unknown reasons sometimes they are intensively so high that the wrong side seems nothing but the right to achieve. Sometimes the righteous are declared as the astray.

Universal truths are also on the same measures, are evident but reveal are the part of one’s character as ‘A Man’s character is what his Fate’ so the connectivity of fate with character and character’s domicile what the free will and destiny marks with in lines of hands. To erase the misfortunes from the hand lines are impossible but persistence over memory cannon can be the favorable to delete the footprints of evil tragic past.

The rhetoric questions in human life regarding uncalled tragic events or accidents never are answered in the consequences they happened. Fate brings them as the matter of fact for happenings and they just happened sometimes human consciousness be healed with the apparent time frame of the factual reality of healing remedy of time and circumstances.

The reasons which are searched they are actually the fate lines of happenings the reasons which are not found or quested they are the subdued to be hidden from human eye as hidden realities are favorable for human consensus. For unseen realities, they are very absorbed, very sharp and very alarming ……….

The focal point is that reasons which we understand are just the part of life where we can travel above and think beyond… But the reasons we search and we quest logic to identify or rectify happenings with evidence but we got nothing but wanderings of mind are the reasons which draw line between human acts, human practices and Divine acts and Divine laws. Divinity is the face of Miracle ……

Miracles happened where the impossibility lies according to human mind, senses and consciousness but actually the Truth, The core Reality is nothing is Impossible for THE CREATOR, THE GOD, THE LORD, and THE ONE WHO CONTROLS……

The unknown reasons are always around us either we can estimate them we can feel them or either we can’t …… The reasons brought life into structure and sometimes structure of life question for reasons. It’s all about known reasons which actually lead by unknown reasons…….

To Be Continued ….

Aggressive is Progressive!!


Living is not just a mere chance of acting the best in the trial but is possibility to achieve impossibilities through uncertainties of a certain plan to grow , to sow, to reap, to fertile and to make what actually does not seems to be.
The power and the thinkable adjustment which comes from human mind that this thing as it is a bit need change and it ought to be…… This OUGHT TO BE is the taking the chance of human intellect in a direction of struggle at once and to roam about in all areas to achieve the direction of will.
Undoubtedly, the achievement comes to those who stay innovatively productive, imaginatively active, emotionally passive, intellectually motive and finally progressively aggressive.
Progress is sometimes very gradual process, that could be far away through the obstacles and substantial realities and one can be on the track and should very consistent unless one can not gonna make it.
For such level the persistence, preservence, consistency, calmness and patience are the major keys to be on the road of progress. The slower the journey on this road is much safer and ultimately whatever the set goal would be achieved will be in results long lasting and sustainable.
The steadfast progress may leave the loops these gonna be in the weak edges when one could expect the best of best. At that level it’s just kinda holes in the success that would seem to be near but far from the point.
The best thing we ever do, to hunt our own consciousness to the scale of veneration, and this level is not that easy, infact one who could reach to that level is actually the aggressive soul who attains the progressive consciousness.
Focal point is rather than to be so vulnerable to situations, the adversity of maturity lies in admitting, crawling, adjusting, understanding and veiling the natural vicissitude to the glamorous outside to the innocent inside.
Search is a quantative quality, and aggressive may progressive in it with the aid of superlative degree of invade invention of spiritual enhancement. Adhering the scrutinize identity for oneself the set ground of goal may invest human effort in true direction to confront realities. No matter what the fate plays or set the unpredictable planned investments to the human life consequences the one who stay aggressively consistent be objectively progressive in all sorts, thoughts, aspects and respects ………..

Self Entification


Human sciences estimated a lot about world and of course about human existence and relationship between human and the world exploration around. Science and human explore world and key accountancy of knowledge rang wide across.

The debate is of Self Entification either it be the sign of psychological science or emotional one, whatever it necessarily defines human existence in the wider consequence on both ways, both good as well as evil. Upon all the signs and symbols those involve to capture human existence into reality of material and also to delve in the depth of oceans and peak of mountains.

Chosen being is human to incarnate and incarnation of mixture of good and evil. Now this depends on effort of being illumination of wisdom and knowledge that either human wants to be empowered of what into the delving truth of reality in existence. Human conduct is impossible myth based on physical, psychological, substantial, sensual and believing roots this is struggling journey from the ancestors of human existence.

Today human is rather mechanical form of neurotic experiences and experiments. Human neurotic race is unachievable and unlimited in source. Many of us in this race feel the pressure of our thinking imbalance but most of us can’t be aware of all the mortal waves to be stated and to be sanely acted upon.

That is because the lack of self concentration on the emblem and realm level. If we understand one side of our own personality, we definitely ignore the other because human is not self generated being. It is a refined crown creature by the Divine Source and human is near to creation’s perfect among and as compare to other creatures.

According to the Muslim religion especially in Sufism human is the reflection of Divinity and the Divine Essence therefore as a whole human is a wide subject to conquer.

Mental capabilities their resourcefulness their balance and brain activities today all are the front stage show on the phase of earth among the world human races. Human brain is extreme technical and mechanical source it is extra-ordinary in structure especially in function. Though human brain has no brain itself, human desires acts that flourish and human conduct save messages in brain and provide holograms to be in function and be activated as demand that could be positive indeed and negative incase and of course per demand.

Here the exterior atmosphere relationships and interior human emotional science and spiritual conductivity rule and explore. Commonly what collective gatherings and Era perform the same new born and coming generations reform themselves in such shade.

Despite of the fact that human brain has no brain itself and human own self entifications, self anticipations can feed or programme the neurotic essence as human desires, emotional behaviors or spiritual aspects, lead the way to be in delve. So far human brains can mechanically work out the sane, it has the power of hallucinations it is empowered with the essence of adjustments.

Consciousness works for alive arena, sub consciousness the suspension between aware brain/mind and the hidden brain mind unconsciousness. Sub consciousness is rather expansion to both. Being ardent student of this journey and its’ all subjects myself I feel that Mind/ Brain is the strongest essence beast of all other living beasts.

The hidden slept mind/brain (Unconsciousness) is more empowered memory bank. I would rather declare a staircase to the upper most world above heavens and the lower most world of world of knowledge and wisdom.

Yet not completely explored this area of study but yet this brain mind can be declare as self anticipation, Memory room which is connected of conductivity and connectivity of the spiritual Divine Essence and to the material norm of this world within world and here after.

Mind science or brain calibers are more strongly connected and webbed with the sentimental emotional Essence of the human ‘Conscience’ and spiritual essence. Human soul is empowered in declination and inclination of the adaptation of what brain necessarily or unnecessarily does not accept. As an example Miracles as a believe in spiritual essence which are beyond wisdom.

If the mind is prepared source from the Nature than new born should just come in this world and just be ready for the performance on any ground but this is not true this world is learning place for the human mind/ brain instead of trials and tests human brain cannot work steadfast.

Human mind need riddles to solve to be in activated connectivity to get the desired results. Human behavior, emotions and Nature is the Divine essence that could be source of human genetics or the Natural blessed favors but the mind/brain need worldly testimonies.

Anticipations demands tests so do the brain of human for the better work out and best in results for thinking and intellectual resourcefulness. Human emotional behaviors and natural instincts are culcated, captive and cultivated source of knowledge where as brain works with the effort of programming with the practice and time management of mind feed with fruit of wisdom, knowledge and learning exercises.

Tame your practices of positive thinking and positive learnings for the productive and progressive fields that fruit in intellectual wisdom provoked sources so that human brain be the part of humane generous source not that it reacts like machine and destroy all other human aspects of nature, emotions sciences or spiritual consequences.

Brain entities are miraculous by Nature but yet they are structure of flesh and blood they thoroughly need the same natural source of food to be in shape ……

We as today’s human unnecessarily need to be near to nature rather than so mechanical in our attributes instead we are exploiting our own nature systems by our own selves.

Fall in Self Entification and Self Anticipations for the better subjectivity and objectivity ….for better knowing and growing …….



Intellectual norms are the people who self defined, self refined and self directives, who believe in logics by believing more in search the truth by the vibrant imaginative thoughts. Their hopes lead them to achieve their goals by adopting pragmatism as practice and by committed exercises over and over again upon their intelligent themes.

Intellectuals are not the special people but actually they are especially sound in only one art of knowing themselves with in the best sequence to create harmony with the circumstances of life and its unfathomable waves that can ground anyone enjoying glory of time and can high up anyone who once slept unknowingly.

Here in the world of practice, the intellectuals justify everything by arrow the right object with the right place and with the remedy of right time. The directiveness and the selection of servitude upon the correction and corrective essence will create the special harmony for the nebula favor for human exercises.

Intellects are those who can assess the situation in the best option for action in practical world not the people who read and learn the theories and just pass the exams for the grades for the specific period of life for specific achievement.

The world’s so called timely judgments for the estimation of the intellectuals, the scale of merits are not much up marked they consider those on the level who just use their mind to flourish the worldly reorganization or knowings where as intellect demands the eye to look beyond the curtains of wisdom ………

Wisdom comes from the kingdom of sane intellect which absorbs and extracts soul and spiritual light. Intelligence demands proofs and evidences over logical happenings, where as there are lots of electromagnetic waves, layers and traveling rays which can’t be seen by naked eye but they can be sense and they can be feel.

The intellect demands sense to be aware and explore the areas which may define the enlightment of the source of objective life, but in vivid picture intellect roles not only this but it captures all the areas where senses can prevail and workout. Intelligence covers all the aspects of human roaming and growth of learning and its implementations.

Humans who can understand the mix of the exchange with the universal communication, with barriers and bridges of constructions, with the squeal of the reality and truth and with the awareness to conquer ownself by this given intellect. Intelligence is bliss, wisdom is its tool and by using it with spiritual light is the sanest act on the phase of earth.

Intellectuals are the people who not only learn to describe the extreme realities to the norms but those who self displine their needs, deeds, nature and tame their maturity with the practice of universal truth.

Such intellectuals are disappeared perhaps the dark ages are prevailed and the renaissance is required for the rebirth of time of nature for the nurse and for the awakening of souls towards this inclination.

The meaning of life is not just that the world is governing over, this is the test place not the rest place that one can stay longer or forever, nothing last forever here, nothing disguise but for little deceive. Here in this ground the playing should be unease for the goals hereafter.

The intellects are the need of time, the intellectuals the demand of world all around and their Intelectia contribution is the worthy of all above. Our generations are in distress and they ruin themselves in the smoke of age and in drug of time without knowing the actual use of their intellect. Each human being is intellectual if he/she understands the meaning and purpose of his/her life in moral essence.

Each day is new day, every morning get new ray of light for opening up new day, new morning, every being gets the ray of light in the age of living for the actual growth of one self’s intellectual harmonized spiritualism.

Wake up to the world where the callings are of yourself soul’s voice and command and where the merits of intellectuals are not of appealing the thesis or worldly theories but of knowing the reality of root of intellect due to which Adam get the Crown of Creation and be awarded as Vicegerent of Earth.

We should be the Adam of the essence of same award ………..tame self being to be intellectually high to discover the inner world as well the outer with the utmost yearning of learning ………….